Astrovibe Galaxy Projector
Astrovibe Galaxy Projector
Astrovibe Galaxy Projector
Astrovibe Galaxy Projector
Astrovibe Galaxy Projector
Astrovibe Galaxy Projector

Astrovibe Galaxy Projector

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Form soothing constellations in the comfort of your own home and fall asleep under a blanket of stars. Transform the ambience of any room instantly with relaxing music and an ethereal, cozy display of night sky - the perfect aesthetic for any occasion!

The Astrovibe™ - Galaxy Projector is a compact, intuitive, mesmerizing projector that engulfs any room in a sea of stars, light, and color. With user-friendly functions and endless star projection effects, say goodbye to chunky lamps and immerse yourself in the wonders of the cosmic world with our relaxing galaxy projector!



Whether you want to improve your sleep or host a sparkling party at night, our projector is a great way to light up parties, enhance your meditation experience, revitalize your workspace, or light a romantic dinner for two! It can even be used as a nightlight! With so many functionalities, the  Astrovibe™ Galaxy Projector is the perfect holiday gift for anyone!

Transform any room into a mesmerizing cosmic world, and vibe with the stars, vibe with the music, vibe with the night sky! 




Connect any device through Bluetooth or USB and listen to your music while you vibe out in your newly formed galaxy. Skip, pause, and control the volume all from your portable remote or phone so you can focus on relaxing to the music in your own little galaxy! 


With MusicSync ™ Technology, fall into a trance of relaxation as you watch the galaxy star-fields pulsate to the beat of your favorite music played through the speaker!

Use the remote control to switch between 21 LED star-field modes, brightness options, timer settings; Create your own galaxy at the touch of your fingertips! Plus, you won't have to get out of bed to continue vibing! 





1 x Astrovibe™ - Galaxy Projector
1 x Remote Control

1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
1 x Instruction Manual + 100% Money Back Guarantee

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The Astrovibe Galaxy Projector is fitted with 21 different LED light modes, ranging from immersive star fields to hypnotic light waves. Pick your vibe for any occasion!

Yes! The Astrovibe Galaxy Projector has 3 different brightness options - 30%, 60%, and 100% illumination!

The speaker is both Bluetooth enabled and USB accessible, so you can play from any phone, tablet, iPod, and every other music playing device! Music controls, as well as lighting controls, are also on the actual projector for ease and accessibility!

Yes! Our premium speaker is Bluetooth accessible, so if your phone has Bluetooth, you can play any music your heart desires!

Yes! The Astrovibe Galaxy Projector works on any room, wall, or car. Keep in mind that it will work best if projected onto a light, blank wall - clean backgrounds create the best vibes!

Yes! Your Astrovibe purchase will come with a fully functional remote, ready to use with 2 AAA batteries of your choice.